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Railway Place Community Parking and Access

Through a community request to introduce parking restrictions, Council has heard there is high parking pressure for residents and visitors in Gillies Street, Fairfield, between Railway Place and Heidelberg Road.

In response, Council started collecting data and writing to residents to ask about their car parking challenges, needs and ideas. Thank you to everyone who got in touch or sent in surveys.

You can read more about the steps involved in the parking change request document and also read the attachment to the letter to the residents document sent on 5 January 2021 that includes Frequently Asked Questions.

Council is proposing a change to improve access for customers, residents and their visitors and are seeking community feedback on the proposed changes.

Feedback during step 1 of the parking change process returned varied views on how best to handle the challenges observed for Railway Place. This feedback was used to inform the proposed changes. 

The proposed changes include:
  • changes to the unrestricted parking on the north side near Station Street to:
    • A section of 2P 8am – 6pm on Monday to Saturday
    • One 15-minute parking spac
    • A future car share space, if a car share provider applies to place a car here
  • to convert the 1P restrictions on the south side between Gillies Street and Rathmines Street to operate 8am – 6pm on Monday to Saturday only
    • and introduce one 15-minute parking space
  • to convert the restrictions on the north side between Gillies Street and Rathmines Street to 3P and operate from 8am – 6pm on Monday to Friday only
We are also proposing to:
  • keep the 1P parking on the southern side of the road between Gillies Street and Station Street,
  • keep all areas to be unrestricted overnight from 6pm to 8am, and
  • keep the disabled parking, bike corral and car share space the same. 
This is shown in the map below

Please complete this short survey. We would appreciate any feedback you have on this proposal.
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