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Bundoora Homestead Art Centre Visitor Survey 2018

We would love to hear about your experiences at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre!
Your feedback will allow us to improve our services and make decisions about future priorities for the Homestead.
On completion of this survey you have the opportunity to go into a draw to win one of three Bundoora Homestead Prize Packs, as a thank you for your contribution. Each prize pack is valued at $100 and includes a selection of Bundoora Homestead arts publications, a unique ceramic coffee cup by artist Georgina Proud, and Devonshire tea for two at the Homestead café.
The survey closes on 31 July 2018.

1. How did you first hear about Bundoora Homestead Art Centre?
2. Have you visited Bundoora Homestead more than once?
3. What interests you most about Bundoora Homestead Art Centre? If there are other interests not specified below, please write them in the comments box below.
4. How would you rate your most recent experience at Bundoora Homestead? Please rate on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is Very poor and 5 is Very good. If you would like to comment on your rating, please write in the comments box below.
Space Cell 1 - Very poor2 - Poor3 - Neutral4 - Good5 - Very goodCan't say / Do not wish to answer
Customer Service
Quality of exhibitions / events
Quality of food and drink in the cafe
Heritage information
5. What effect did your experience at Bundoora Homestead have on you? Did your visit: Please choose all that apply.
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6. Did you feel welcomed and included by staff at Bundoora Homestead?
9. What sort of exhibitions would you like to see more of at Bundoora Homestead? Choose all that apply
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10. What type of activities would encourage you to visit / participate? Choose all that apply:
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